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“ Better done than perfect.
Start now. ”

—    D + B

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It was graduation this weekend at the school where I teach. It was over 100 degrees and I ended up wearing this outfit. I’d originally planned on wearing a suit (though the occasion did not demand it, as can be seen here by my decision ultimately to wear white jeans). But the weather, and perhaps more importantly, my lack of a suit appropriate for those kinds of temperatures, made me reconsider.

Instead, I went with a cotton/linen shirt (this one to be exact), a silk/linen/flax sport coat by PRL (thrifted), a pocket square from Drake’s via J. Crew, white cotton jeans (purchased on clearance for $9 and also by RL), and suede loafers (also by RL!). I debated going sockless but did, in the end, choose a pair of navy cotton ones from Uniqlo.


Cotton and suede.


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